About Us

From humble beginnings working out of a garage, we have grown into fully-fledged manufacturing facility, never sacrificing our original vision. Our vision is to produce high quality, handcrafted, solid wood longboards of world class standard. We have been in the industry for over six years. During this time we saw a need for quality personalized longboards. We have been manufacturing our exclusive range of longboards for the past three years, believing that this is where longboarding is evolving to. We personally hand select the best hard woods, manufacture the decks and then fit them with what has become known as the best self-propelled carving trucks in the world. Final quality control is, has and will always be done by the directors of Drifter SA.

Owning a Drifter longboard is not just that. Our boards come with a visible stamped-on serial number. This number together with photos of the board, gets entered into our database. This allows us to trace exactly which custom board you own. Should you have any queries or requirements your information is readily available.

We also offer a repair and restoration service should you damage your board. The boards, being manufactured from solid wood and not ply, allows us to do this. This service is offered at a nominal charge. The database also allows us to keep you informed of upcoming events and new product releases.

The decks have a slight rocker with an awesome flex. This gives you a real surfing feel with no pushing required. The trucks have a safety design - so no wheel bite! You can carve it up super tight with confidence!

Experience the ultimate surf-like ride on land!

Evolve ... Own a Drifter Longboard.